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The Twisted Thread

Short stories by Mark Bastable

This site is a book of short stories that's creating itself week-by-week. It's completely free for you to read, download, link, share. Especially share. Share anything you like, as much as you want, with anyone you wish. Stories are nothing if they aren't told.

There's an interestingly arbitrary way of choosing stories on this page​, and more conventional Contents pages are  here and here. It's difficult to indicate what sort of stories you'll find. We're not keen on the idea of genre.

What these stories have in common, though, is that they all offer a twist. They are intended to give you a bit of a jolt.

Please bookmark us, and visit regularly to read the latest story. Or subscribe and we'll email you when there's something new here.

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The illustration on this page is by Archangelical.

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