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Mark Bastable is a Londoner who has drifted to the edge of town. Years ago he wrote for the NME, and then he worked as a sub-editor for a publishing house in Mayfair. Later he became a columnist for GQ and subsequently Esquire. He has had three novels published, of which the most recent is available here.

Slightly to his own astonishment, he developed a parallel career as a computer programmer, which led to management consultancy and then a very grown-up job in one of the Big Four professional services firms.

It seemed to make sense at the time.

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When he's not writing, he's either playing guitar or hanging out with his family. They would say it's more the former than the latter.

The Twisted Thread stories are the equivalent of jamming around a riff. They're improvisations, really - spontaneous and slightly risky, and a bit of a surprise even to the player.

Feel free to get in touch, to talk about the stories, or writing, or music - or just to let me know you happened by.

Photography: Carlo Roberti

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