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The Mighty Quinn  "You don't remember me, do you, Mr Jones?"

The Bride of Brexton Stag  "My mother died in 1902. I’ve seen her twice since then."

Another Slice  "This is Limbo. A kind of sorting office."

Motive, Opportunity, Means  "The  jury'll convict by lunchtime. Except - he probably didn't do it."

Amid the Alien Corn  “Are we totally committed to the raven? It’s kind of a downer.”

The Cherrywood Prometheus  “One wish? Only one? Three's standard surely?”

The Watch  Kids are a killer. You might as well smoke, frankly.

The Roses in their Season  ...and the rustle of the empty wind in the reeds.

The Language of Rocks  All white noise. In America nothing signified anything.

A Splash of Rainbow  The monitors bleep in rhythm, like an insistent threat.

The Perpetual Vengeance of Piggledy-Poppet  "Bless my trotters..."

The Peacemaker  "What’s the point of the Peacemaker, anyway?"

Life's Blood  The vampire gathered his cape. “It’s not everyone that can carry off black,” he said.

Ba-alzay and the Forgotten Prince  “Get out of my garden. You have no business here.”

Amanda's Thing ““Here – bonus potato. Consider yourself bribed.””

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