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The Figment Sometimes life can feel like a first draft...

Charlie's Plan  "You’re a strange one, Charlie."

Good News for Modern Man  It's tough to write a commercial when your client is God.

The Chicago Blues Puzzle "There’s something not right about the eyes.”

Happy Hour at the Algonquin "I could just die," Maureen said. And she did.

Using the Stock "You don't waste bones like that - no, no, no!"

The Man up at the Miller Place "One thing I learned over there - never too young."

Granny Vents  “Hello, squirt. My, how you haven’t grown.”

From an Orange Plastic Chair 
 "This isn't Netflix. This is my life."

Chain Lightning "I woke up alone, without my purse, my  jewelry and – weirdly – my shoes."

Flick Book "...just flick through your life, and stop wherever you please. Flick..."

Plot Point If you want to focus an audience’s attention, you can’t beat letting a snake loose.

Anyhow in a Corner "Dad, I'm going to dive off the cliff into the sea. I’ll take my chances."

Just Like the Singing Cod  What's to stop mankind going the way of the dappled marmoset?

Being Eloise “I’m me and I’m here," Eloise said. "But I need you to be me in Philadelphia.”

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