Pick a Picture - Get a Story

There's a tenuous connection between a picture and the story that it's linked to. This is a pretty arbitrary way to choose which story to read, but as good a method as any, frankly.

Give it a go...

Thumb Charlie's Plan.JPG
Thumb Another Slice.jpg
Thumb The Chicago Blues Puzzle.JPG
Thumb Happy Hour at the Algonquin.jpg
Thumb The Figment.jpg
Thumb The Mighty Quinn.jpg
Thumb The Cherrywood Prometheus.jpg
Thumb Plot Point.jpg
Thumb Chain Lightning.jpg
Thumb Anyhow in a Corner.jpg
Thumb Flickbook.jpg
Thumb Using the Stock.JPG
Thumb Rewards.JPG
Thumb Amid the Alien Corn.jpg
Thumb Penny Falls.jpg
Thumb Piggledy Poppet.jpg
Thumb Being Eloise.jpg
Thumb The Man Up At the Miller Place.JPG
Thumb Amanda's Thing.jpg
Thumb The Roses in their Season.jpg
Thumb Motive Opportunity Means.jpg
Thumb Life's Blood.jpg
Thumb From a Orange Plastic Chair.jpg
Thumb Good News for Modern Man.jpg
Thumb Just Like the Singing Cod.jpg
Thumb The Peacemaker.JPG
Thumb Ba-alzay and the Forgotten Prince.jpg
Thumb The Language of Rocks.JPG
Thumb Granny Vents.JPG
Thumb A Splash of Rainbow.JPG
Thunb The Watch.JPG
Thumb The Bride of Brexton Stag.JPG

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