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The Penny Falls Final Cover_edited.jpg

The Penny Falls

A novel

The Penny Falls: Resume

The remarkable thing about the Lyne twins is that there are three of them.

There’s Pablo – inspired, creative and damaged, carried on a wave of dumb luck towards a moment of fratricidal release. 

There’s Tom – a sceptic and a womaniser, stiff with hidden resentment and dismissive wit. 

And there is – or there was, or there may yet be – Perdito, the third twin, part ghost and part derangement, a threat and a promise. He wants a body to call his own, and he feels he has two to choose from.

"A highly gifted and entertaining writer, Bastable is hard to categorize. His writing reveals glimpses of the somewhat skewed imagination of John Irving, an ear for the crafted language of Martin Amis, along with a willingness to go to uncomfortable places with both the humor and the candor of Philip Roth. Through it all, Bastable manages to be funny without being comic, and emotionally moving without becoming sentimental. It's a potent and engaging combination - good stuff."

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